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The company provides training services in

Israeli  KravMagaGidon System, combining security, shooting and the application 

The company was established in order to provide protectionagainst terrorism,

defense against attackers in various situations,

protectionagainst hot and cold weapons, and a wide range of defensive tactics in an openor closed area.

The company combines the techniques of Israeli KravMagaGidonSystaem ,

integrating the artistry of weapons, an example being shootingtraining. Additionally, 

 The  Gidon system marks the services of

research to isolate and define the menaces existing in the following activity



1. Taxi drivers

2. Civil guards

3. Police

4. Public servants

5. Hospital staff

6. Teachers and caretakers of the adolescent

7. Body guards

8. military


10.Hotels security staff

 The Gidon system

marks the services to develop, and

consult the physical measures which self-defense and Israeli kravmaga would

employ to provide solution to the above environments.

 The Gidon system

marks the services to develop methods to train each personnel in its own

peculiar environment, and then to supervise the application of these methods

The  GidonSystaem is

well established in the Israeli law enforcement community as well as security

forces around the globe.


Grand Master Haim Gidon holds a 10th degree red

belt level as the head of the system and is the official grand master of the

Israeli KravMaga Association (IKMA)

The Israeli KravMaga Association (IKMA) was founded in 1978

as a registered non-profit organizationin Israel, by ImiLichtenfeld and a few of his senior students, among them Grand Master HaimGidon.


The main aim for establishing such an association was to

promote the following:


1. Maintain KravMaga within Imi's guidelines andprinciples.

2. Associate those who practice KravMaga into anorganization

and establishan orderly progress of grades for each practitioner.

3. Be the Principal Authority on kravmaga and establish an

orderly progressto qualify competent instructors. 

4. Spread kravmaga throughout the world.


Imi's formation of the IKMA was a natural outcome

of hisunique determinationto create, form, temper and upgrade an efficient method

ofwinning and stayingalive in dangerous situations.


The founder of Israeli KravMaga; Mr. Imi (Imerich)

Lichtenfeld, was born in Budapeston 25 th of June 1910 to a Jewish family.

Imi spent hisyouth in Bratislava (Presburg). 

He began training when he was 10 years old. Imi earned the

junior boxing and wrestling titles for the Slovak team there,

 in 1940 he fledEurope, joined the free Czech army under British control in Egypt which foughtNazi invading corps, then in 1944 relieved from service,

Imi joined thePALMAH organization as a hand to hand combatinstructor

and later joined the HAGANA organization.


With the inception of the state of Israel in 1948,

Imicontinued to serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and held the title of

head instructor for KravMaga and combat fitness training. In 1964 Imi

retired the IDF and continued to work with the security services in Israel.

In 1964 Imi began to standardize the KravMagadoctorine

Inorder to suit everydaylife in the state of Israel . Based on Imi's

experience with hand to hand combat situations from his life in Europe

he was able to develop a system that was both unique and efficient, suitable

for ordinary civilians and the street. 

The system gained formal recognition from the ministry ofeducation, the sports

 uthority and the Wingate institute for physical education.

The first course for non-competitive martial arts, was held in 1970.


 The Israeli KravMaga Association

was founded in order tocreate a supporting organizational structure for KravMagapractitioners.Within the framework of the The Israeli KravMaga

Imi developed and enhancedthe system to suit the spirit of the times and the special needs of Israelisociety. The Israeli KravMagasytem basically provides special and unique

solutions to dangerous situations.


In his tenure as the president of the Israeli KravMagaAssociation, Imi trained many coaches

and instructors. He worked tirelessly tospread the system in Israel and abroad as well as to gain public andinternational recognition of the Associations activities.

The president of the Israeli KravMaga Association, ImiLichtenfeld,

passed away on 8.1.1998 at the age of 88 in the city of Netanya,

where he founded the Israeli KravMaga Association. 

Currently, the system is applied by security services inIsrael and throughout the world.

For a declaration by Imi as to the senior grades he granted from Dan 6 up- see attached document


The Israeli KravMaga Association was formed by ImiLichtenfeld( Sde-Or )

and a group of his students on Oct 22, 1978.

The expressed purpose of the Association was to create apublic civilian organizational structure to support practitioners of theIsraeli KravMaga.

As such, ImiLichtenfeld continued to enhance anddevelop his system within the framework of the Israeli KravMagaAssociation,in three main fields:


1. What are the correct solutions to dangerous situations(i.e. what to do)?


2. How should this material be taught (i.e. how to teach)?


 3. Enlarging the circle of KravMaga practitioners andcreating national and


international recognition as to the efficiency andimportance of the Israeli



ImiLichtenfeld continued his work in these fields as the

Israeli KravMaga Association president from its inception until the date he

passed away,


 (January 8 th 1998).


Imi system is continued in the Israeli KravMaga Associationby Imi's top student and cofounder of the Israeli KravMaga Association, Mr.HaimGidon, who hadbeen granted a Dan-8 rank from Imi himself.

Haim Gidon holds a 10 th degree black belt level as the headof the sysem and is the official grand master of the Israeli KravMaga.

 Haim Gidon was nominated by the general assembly of membersand instructors

as the permanent president of the Israeli KravMagaAssociation.

Through the years, extensive work has been done in theIsraeli KravMaga System.

Grand Master Haim Gidon, has been the primarily responsible for the evolution of the KravMaga in the last 30 years, being the only one that also continually proves with facts and with is effort why Imi chose him as his successor. Our work cannot continue to be mistaken or confused with others. The GIDON SYSTEM is the natural evolution of the legacy of Imi, designed to perpetuate the techniques and principles of the true Israeli KravMaga in its purest form, adapted to the reality of today, as a complete method of Israeli self-defense and close combat.

This is our way, we are sure that we will continue to be copied instead of followed, the difference is that now more than ever, everyone will start to see and know better how to distinguish our work from others ... if they dont do it already. And more news approach...

There are currently several organizations that

practice their interpretations of the Kravmaga system and whose founders began

their training and careers within our Association.

The Israeli Kravmaga Association welcomes the work done to

expandImiLichtenfelds' Kravmaga system.

Israeli Kravmaga is recognized by the Israeli government as

a formal martial art system . KravMaga is taught extensively at civilian

organizations, in schools, community centers and martial arts clubs.

Professional diplomas for instructors and coaches are

formally recognized as teaching credentials in government establishments.

These diplomas were awarded to individuals who graduated the

appropriate courses in the school for coaches at the Wingate Institute for

Physical Education in Israel. The martial arts professional committee

supervises all related courses and the president of the Israeli kravMaga

Association, represents the authorityon KravMaga.





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