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Registration for The international Instructor course  in Israel, Netanya at 05.07.2009 - 23.07.2009  is now open! Course taught by Grandmaster Mr. Haim Gidon.


Instructor course July 2007

At July 2007 the israeli krav maga association conducted instructor course in Israel with students from Holland, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Turkey & U.S.A

the instructor course was in Netanya at the main training center of the Israeli krav maga by guidnace of grand master Haim Gidon and with the senior instructors Noam Gidon 4 dan & Yigal Arbiv 4 dan


1. Video - instructor course course July 2007. 


 On April 2007 the Israeli krav maga association conduct an international seminar in Holland with a lot of participants

 The seminar was conducted and instructed by Grand Master Haim Gidon dan 10 and is student yigal arbiv dan 4 on the course were participated instructors and students from the Israeli krav maga association, from other krav maga systems and instructors from Holland, Belgium and the police
the seminar was on Mario Schouten  and Timo Hennekes gym.
all the students and instructors were very impress from the advanced technique they interest about the next instructor course on July and seminar on December and also for long courses to learn advanced technique
Grand master presentation : seminar holland 1
Grand master  video : seminar holland 3(video).

During the month of February and March 2007, an Israeli Krav Maga seminar
was organized in Madrid, Spain at the martial art center of Oskar Kuro, and
in Portugal at the martial art center of Victor Martinez.
This seminar was under the supervision of Yigal Arbiv, a well known
professional Israeli krav maga instructor, who has the level of "Dan 4".
Many other instructors and students joined these seminars, as well as other
professional instructors in the field of martial arts.
During these events, various techniques were taught and practiced, such as
simulations of attacks with the use of knives, sticks, guns from down to up
with the techniques used by the Israeli Martial art (krav maga). The
participants were astonished and amazed by how advanced and efficient these
techniques are.

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