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IKMA activity in the years 2005-2006

In Dec 2005/ Jan 2006 ( 27.12.05-5.1.06 ) The IKMA held a KM Imi system seminar in Israel for instructors operating in Europe and the US.
The seminar held at Natanya, at Mr. Haim Gidon dojo. It consisted of scanning through Retzef techniques, training routines from yellow belt up Dan 1.
The participants were taught about training mode, a routine instruction, instructor presence et al. The seminar ended with improved instructional abilities of the participants.

IKMA activities abroad in 2006

In March and April 2006, the Israeli Krav Maga Association sponsored numerous international seminars in Europe and the United States.
Seminars held in France and Poland drew hundreds of krav maga practitioners and those from other fighting disciplines.
Attendees traveled as far as Italy and Canada to participate.
Senior Israeli Krav Maga Association instructors, Yigal Arviv and Steve Moshe, conducted the teaching.
Yigal and Steve are two of Grandmaster Haim Gidon's top students and instructors.

The first
seminar was held in Lyon, France, at the club of Gabi Elbaz, for his students and other trainees who came from Italy and Canada.

In Poland, Kris Sawicki organized the krav maga tour, with seminars held at several cities in conjunction with Kris's students and other interested participants.

In America, David Kahn hosted seminars in Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey with attendees from all over the country.

The materials covered were advanced techniques against pistol, knife and
a stick in addition to retzev incorporating all manners of upper and lower body combatives, clinching, takedowns and groundwork combinations
from standing to ground positions.
Hundreds of students attended the activities and successfully gained some of the top knowledge and training Israeli Krav Maga has to offer under the authority of Grandmaster Haim Gidon. The IKMA received extensive emails from students excited about the teaching and learning under the IKMA

The international instructor course had been done in July-August 2005 in Israel, with participants
from Israel, US, Ireland, Holland, France and Poland.
 Grandmaster Haim Gidon. taught the course with his top intructors Noam Gidon Dan 4 and Yigal Arbiv Dan 4.


Defense in the car while driving or as a passenger

Groundwork against attacker with and without a knife 

Defense against chokes and bear hugs Arm and leg locks

The Krav Maga seminar with the guidance of Grandmaster Haim Gidon, head of the system, started on the 13th of December till 22nd of December 2006. The seminar took place in the head training club of Israeli Krav Maga Association with students and instructors participating from USA and Europe. The seminar included different techniques of self defense and face to face combat that included:

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