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Activity in the years 2003-2004

Various KM techniques had been staged by IKMA instructors before Police units reps at the Police Operational Fitness base. Exchange of ideas followed the performance about the application of techniques shown .

A KM performance had been staged before the operatives of the Military Working Dogs unit. The KM instructor of this unit is a student of Mr. Haim Gidon.

An Instructors' course had been run in July 2003 at the IKMA main dojo, by System head Mr Haim Gidon. Participants were KM trainees from Israel, USA, France and Holland. It included scanning materials from yellow up to black belt –Dan 1, teaching adrill, instructor positioning etc. Additionally, all participants learned definite materials in anatomy, physiology, first aid by certified persons.

Routine training activities had been added by instructors:
Ohad Gidon
Noam Gidon
Arik Kanafo
 Yigal Arbiv

The annual General Assembly of members had convened to hear summation of year 2002 activity , financial details, and elect members to office.

Activity abroad:

Instructor- aides course had been run in the US by Haim Gidon. A special seminar had been given to NJ State Police policemen by Ohad Gidon and Yigal Arbiv , while Haim Gidon supervising.

Some instructions in NY for civilians were done by IKMA instructors from Isral.

Mr. Haim Gidon and his student Yoav Krayn ( Dan 4 ) visited NJ police units and trained there policemen.

Short training seminars for NY policemen were done in David Bartn Gym,NY, where head of system Mr. Haim Gidon answered participants' Qs on defensive policemen techniques.

Seminars were done in Holland and England. A seminar was done in Manchester by Yigal Arbiv. Following these successful eminars, a group of trainees from England, France, and the US came to Israel and participated in a specially arranged training by head of system Haim Gidon.

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